55% Soft Contact Lenses

55% Soft Contact Lenses

Eye Secret 55% Soft Contact Lenses


Aspheric design and HD technology ensure visual acuity, especially in dark environment

With top focusing technology, Horien Eye Secret can avoid the visual aberration compared with the traditional spherical lens, and make all sights focus on the retina. The wearers can have higher definition.


Less protein deposit

The smoothest surface reduces protein deposit. Clear vision and perfect comfort remain to the last minute of usage

Quality consistence

The purest material and the most rigorous manufacturing technology ensure perfect lens elasticity, durability and optic stability

UV protection function

Protect eyes from harmful UV light

Edge Design

Multi-curve lens design improves eye tear circulation

Product Specification

Material: Methafilcon A

Water content: 55%

BC: 8.6mm

DIA: 14.2mm